Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back to a Chinese House Again

I did find an apartment house with Chinese students again. This place was an ideal place for me because I could walk to my school office in four to five minutes. You couldn’t find a place closer than that with that price. I was tired of slipping on the ice in the winter when I had to walk far from school, and I was afraid of walking home after dark, and I had to move out from the American woman’s house.
     The only thing that I was not sure about was the boy named Hua, who gave me a ride to go shopping when I just arrived lived there. He was still a postdoc and still single. From what I knew, he was chasing another girl who had just arrived.  Without much choice, I moved into the house. There were four students including me. We actually got along quite well at first. Hua treated me nicely. He told me that I could eat whatever food of his in the refrigerator even though I never did. He told me that we could watch his color TV, and we could use his front porch, and so on. There was another girl who was few years older than I was. We were good friends at first. We often watched TV in Hua’s room since he was the only one in our house with a TV. He and the other guy had a car. They usually took us shopping when they went. Hua was a night person like most computer programmers, working at night till 5 am, then sleeping until 12 noon. The rest of us had regular working hours. So, we hardly saw him. Then, I noticed that the other girl liked him. Of course, he expressed no interest in her in front of me. But we all knew that there was something going on. I was not very comfortable between them, but I knew he was not for me. I did try to avoid being present whenever I could, except to watch the news after dinner.