Friday, February 15, 2013

Wang Lin Got Married

I hadn’t received any letters from Wang Lin in Japan for a long time. I wondered what was going on with him, especially since one night on the news, I saw that Tokyo had an earthquake and one person died. He told me that he was going to move but I never received his new address. I was worried about him. I didn’t have any faster way to find out how he was. So, I wrote to him c/o his professor at Tokyo University and asked whether he had a phone just for emergency (three minutes calling China cost me $20 at the time).
     The next letter I received from him was the shocking news that stopped everything. It was a short letter that said, “When you receive this letter, I am either on the plane returning home or am home already. I don’t know why I am going home, but one thing for sure is to solve a personal problem so I don’t have to worry about it any more. I could concentrate on my studies here in Japan after I return. I would appreciate a card from you to congratulate or bless me. It would be very important to my happiness. I am waiting so please send your blessing. I hope we could keep writing to each other and keep our friendship as always, and I am sure you will have a better life than I could ever give you.”
     It was like a time bomb exploded, even though I knew it was coming. But I was surprised that he would actually go home to get married. Marry the girl his father introduced to him. I would be more understanding if he fell in love with someone in Japan where they studied together, worked together, or had something in common. I cried for a long time in my room until I started to have a headache. Then, I took a little nap. I got up and walked to the university bookstore and tried to choose a wedding card. I didn’t find a proper one. I went to another card shop and others selling greeting cards. I walked back and forth until I found one that I thought was the best there was. I went home and I couldn’t find where I had put the letter and envelope. I thought that they were on my desk in my room but I just couldn’t find them. I saw Hua was in his room; I did not know when he had come home since I thought I was the only one home. I did not like the possibility he had heard my crying or he might have come to my room and took my letter and the envelope since we could not lock our doors. Finally, I wrote a short note on the card congratulating him and wished him the best.  I also told him we should not write to each other anymore since it would not be fair to her and me.