Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stealing Uncle’s Money

Since it was difficult for my grandmother to walk, I often went to the market to buy a pack of cigarettes or little things for her. I always gave her the exact change. My grandmother used to buy something for me every time she took methings like candy were so attractive and irresistible in the marketplace. I did not want to use any of my grandmother’s money. One day I took a 10-yuan bill from my uncle’s moneybox and then I went to the marketplace.
     First, I went to a candy store but the owner refused to sell me any candy and she asked me where I got that much money. I took the 10-yuan before for my grandmother’s cigarettes, no one had ever given me any trouble. I did not know a 10-yuan bill could be my aunt’s one-third of a month’s salary; it was a lot of money for a six-year-old kid to carry around. She told me to go home. Well the desire to get that candy was too great so I went to another store where I finally got the candy. I put the rest of the Yuan in my pocket and went home.
     The next day, I was in big trouble. I had to kneel on the floor while my grandmother used a bamboo stick to beat my bottom. I was very scared because I had never seen any one get this kind of punishment, not even my trouble-making cousins, I did not understand why my grandmother was so upset and she was ready to kill me. I was hurting and screaming. I was scared because I felt for the first time that I was alone without anyone on my side not even my dear grandmother. I did not realize that what I had done was stealing.
     She made me apologize to my uncle, “Sorry, I will never do that again.” That was the first time and also the last time that my grandma ever spanked me. I learned my lesson. I was so embarrassed few years later when my mom asked me about the matter because my grandma had promised not to tell my parents. It must have been my aunt or uncle since my grandmother would never break her promise to me.