Saturday, February 16, 2013

Say Goodbye to Our College Town

Anthony was trying to finish up his work for his professor and other graduate students. I started to check apartment listings. David kindly sent us a Boston Sunday Globe with some recommendations on where to avoid, what was the going price, etc. After dozens of phone calls, we finally found an apartment in Malden, north of Boston for a lease of 3 months. That would give us more time for house hunting.
     We had Mayflower as our moving company. Three young men came in the morning and packed for us in a few hours. Then in the afternoon, another three young men came for loading up the truck. This time there was a Native American among them and he was in charge. I was surprised to see him carry our full, loaded dresser on his back with a cotton belt loop from the 3rd to the 1st floors since we didn’t have an elevator.
     While he was loading the truck, two other young guys were struggling to get our couch out of the door. They tried for about a half-hour and somehow the couch just didn’t want to go out. I called Anthony at the office and asked him how he got the couch into the apartment in the first place. He said that his father, brother, and he struggled for a long time to get it in, but he did not remember exactly how. Finally, I told them just to chop it up and put it in the trash since it was old anyway. At the same time, the Native American came up and yelled, “what are you guys doing up here?; I finished all the loading and took a break, and you are still up here.” They explained to him about the couch and I told them just forget it and break it up. He smiled and said, “come on guys, pick up the couch and turn around, and…” The two guys followed his directions and within a few seconds, the couch was out. It went so smooth and I said, “wow.” He did not say a word and continued his work. (Mayflower, part of Unigroup ).  I did not know that 10 years later I would end up working for them  too and it became my longest career.
     Jonathan felt a little lost between the trip and now that the apartment was empty. We slept on the floor that night and drove to Boston the next day. We thought we mapped out the trip pretty good. After we got off Route 90, we went by Route 60 where we got lost in the little towns. It was 4 PM in the afternoon. We had to be at the apartment rental office by 5 PM, otherwise, we would have to stay in a motel somewhere overnight. Luckily, we made it to the office at 4:55 PM.